les éléphants

Meeting Pailin in January of 2009 introduced me not only to elephants and their fabulous-ness, but also to the problems elephants face in Thailand, the rest of Asia and even worldwide. I am committed to making change in the lives of as many elephants as possible. Supporting existing organizations and hopefully, later, being involved hands on.

Please read my article on elephant tourism here.

Tales & Tails

Inspired by Pailin I founded the Elephant Poetry & Prose Project, which resulted in the publication of Tales & Tails in the summer of 2010. So far the book has raised over $800.

Tales & Tails is a book of beautiful words and pictures, about – and for – elephants. People around the world, inspired by these gentle giants, generously submitted their poetry and prose to the project.

All profits of the book go directly to Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary, where these marvelous creatures are allowed to roam free, as they were meant to do… and to simply be elephants, as they were meant to be..

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Save the elephants, save the world.

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