the number twenty seven

July 19, 2009

Twenty-seven. two and seven. seven and twenty. It sounds strange on my tongue. Lo and behold I have reached the age I have always wondered about when I was young. Twenty seven in my head, like ten years ago, was the time when everything would have come together and I would be an adult; I would be in Canada with a cool job, nice home, the boy, etc. Instead I find myself in the Netherlands, living with my parents and working at a temp job. Perhaps not where I saw myself, but there is something I hold onto in this intermission period. I know exactly what I want from my life and feel exceptionally driven to pursue these dreams. I leave year twenty six satisfied. After all, it started with mojitos, I saw the world, met the most amazing elephant, ate a lot of gelato and made some good friends. And I grew, grew, grew.

I thought, seeing as I have no idea for what year twenty seven holds in store, other than pursuing those dreams, it might be worth starting a blog again. Maybe this time it’ll even last a little longer. After a few years away, I suddenly feel ready for this worldwideweb thing again. Besides, where else can I talk about all my aubergine aka eggplant cooking. Or my sushi discoveries. Or, well of course, Pailin, my elephant.

Hopes & Dreams for year twenty seven:

. help the world be a better place for elephants
. move back to Canada and create a home for myself
. see Pailin again, visit other elephant sanctuaries
. work on getting in shape and eating healthy
. travel to somewhere new in the world. keep discovering
. get my tattoo. while in London seeing friends
. begin to take the path to an actual career
. see more of Canada, especially BC & Yukon
. take modern dance classes

So, happy birthday to me. Here’s to another exciting year.

2 Responses to “the number twenty seven”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    Yay tattoo! I am going to get more.

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