Unexpected Sushi treasures

July 21, 2009

Kelly had found a brochure for Japanese food during our wanderings after getting a Thai massage, so off we went to look for some food. Suddenly we both double blinked, stopped in the middle of the street. We had spotted something better than Japanese…. Sushi. Sumo Sushi was a treasure to be found, and we took no time in throwing away the Japanese place brochure and taking our seats. The menu came out, but apart from the name of the roll, all the ingredients were in Thai. We spend about fifteen minutes asking about a variety of items on the menu. In the end we settled on; sweet potato tempura roll, bangkok roll, philadelphia roll, rainbow roll and just a regular avocado one. Simply put, we were in heaven.

sushi chiang mai

A few days later, right before Kelly and Nick went off to a Buddhist meditation retreat and Kathy and I set off on our last day exploring Chiang Mai, before I headed back to the South to see Pailin, we went back for more.

This time I settled for a veggie dragon, tempura shrimp roll and another bangkok roll. The Bangkok roll, Kelly and I told the waiter, might just be the best sushi we had ever tasted. The combination of cucumber, tuna, cilantro (coriander) and then a dollop of chili sauce was perfection. The chef, it turned out, had studied in Chicago, which explained the beautiful North American sushi laid out before us.

I had not expected to find the best sushi I had ever had far away from the coast, in the northern hills of Thailand. But I’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Sumo Sushi. Not that I won’t keep looking…

second sushikelly and me

rainbow sushi

4 Responses to “Unexpected Sushi treasures”

  1. Emily Says:

    So what made the Philadelphia roll Philadelphia? Cream cheese? 😛 Someday I’ll try ‘good sushi’ I guess… I’ve tried it twice to no success in pleased tastebuds but both times I was told it was “bad” sushi or “not the greatest”.

    • Marieke Says:

      indeed the cream cheese! it goes along with salmon and cucumber. Very yummy. You and Thijs will have to visit me in Canada sometime and I’ll take you to a good sushi place. It’s amazing stuff.

  2. Melissa A. Says:

    Waitaminute, are you one of those vegetarians who eat fish? 😛

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