jamie’s aubergine parmigiana

July 28, 2009

When I was working at a farm in Limoges, France last summer, I ate a lot of wonderful food. One for the things I remember most was the eggplant parmigiana. Planning to make it for myself for a long time, I finally got around to it a few weeks ago. The recipe I got from Jamie Oliver. I followed it pretty much to a t, except I did salt the aubergines first and I added mozzarella in between the layers. The recipe can be found here. So I won’t copy the recipe here, but instead I’ll share some pictures of the process (which my mum took as I was making the dish).


add mozzarellagratecheeselayerauberginesaucereadyforoverready


5 Responses to “jamie’s aubergine parmigiana”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    I made this one year, it was so much work! I am not sure what recipe I used. Oh here it is: http://catseatsocks.livejournal.com/188518.html Um, your’s looks a lot better.

    • Marieke Says:

      I found this very simple to make. It takes a while to salt the aubergines (though jamie doesn’t say to do that), and griddle them, but all in all, well worth all the delicious effort! Try this recipe Mel!

  2. K Says:

    Ahhh stop the madness! Eggplant is terrible 😛 So terrible it doesn’t deserve called the cute aubergine.

    • Marieke Says:

      K! I can’t believe my ears, terrible? eggplant? You should definitely make this recipe. It will prove you wrong.

  3. Emily Says:

    I will agree with the “eggplant is terrible”. 😛 At least on its own, but I can enjoy it enough as a parmesan when it smothered (potenitally)in breading and mozzerella cheese with sauce. I prefer zucchini/courgette parmesan over it, though! Mmmm zucchini…

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