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griddled aubergines times two

July 23, 2009

As a frequent user and big time fan of aubergines, it’s important to have a side dish in my repertoire to whip out at any dinner party. While I was working on a farm in Italy I learned this recipe from the chef there. It’s simple, yet tasty beyond belief. It slightly resembles a dish I made a few weeks earlier when I threw a Greek dinner party for my friends from the seaturtle program. It has a few more ingredients on there, but is similar.

griddled aub

Italian griddled aubergines

two aubergines
a lemon
olive oil
finely chopped garlic

Slice the aubergines sideways, about one centimeter thick and salt them on both sides. Leave them standing like that for about half an hour. It takes out the water and some bitterness. In the meantime add the finely chopped garlic to about 1/4 cup of olive oil. Now back to the aubergines; rinse the salt off. Heat up the griddle pan, nice and hot and griddle the aubergine slices until they are slightly charred on both sides. Lay the finished ones on a plate, slightly overlapping each other. When you have finished, brush on the lemon juice and then drizzle over the oil/garlic combination. Ready to serve.

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Unexpected Sushi treasures

July 21, 2009

Kelly had found a brochure for Japanese food during our wanderings after getting a Thai massage, so off we went to look for some food. Suddenly we both double blinked, stopped in the middle of the street. We had spotted something better than Japanese…. Sushi. Sumo Sushi was a treasure to be found, and we took no time in throwing away the Japanese place brochure and taking our seats. The menu came out, but apart from the name of the roll, all the ingredients were in Thai. We spend about fifteen minutes asking about a variety of items on the menu. In the end we settled on; sweet potato tempura roll, bangkok roll, philadelphia roll, rainbow roll and just a regular avocado one. Simply put, we were in heaven.

sushi chiang mai

A few days later, right before Kelly and Nick went off to a Buddhist meditation retreat and Kathy and I set off on our last day exploring Chiang Mai, before I headed back to the South to see Pailin, we went back for more.

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week one

July 19, 2009


Good things (week one).

. delicious, filling, reese’s peanut butter cup resembling birthday cake
. having a great meal with my parents and friends
. a whole weekend off
. a calmer feeling that has come over me
. rediscovering Aquafit lessons
. the fabulous new ipod; Neville.

the number twenty seven

July 19, 2009

Twenty-seven. two and seven. seven and twenty. It sounds strange on my tongue. Lo and behold I have reached the age I have always wondered about when I was young. Twenty seven in my head, like ten years ago, was the time when everything would have come together and I would be an adult; I would be in Canada with a cool job, nice home, the boy, etc. Instead I find myself in the Netherlands, living with my parents and working at a temp job. Perhaps not where I saw myself, but there is something I hold onto in this intermission period. I know exactly what I want from my life and feel exceptionally driven to pursue these dreams. I leave year twenty six satisfied. After all, it started with mojitos, I saw the world, met the most amazing elephant, ate a lot of gelato and made some good friends. And I grew, grew, grew.

I thought, seeing as I have no idea for what year twenty seven holds in store, other than pursuing those dreams, it might be worth starting a blog again. Maybe this time it’ll even last a little longer. After a few years away, I suddenly feel ready for this worldwideweb thing again. Besides, where else can I talk about all my aubergine aka eggplant cooking. Or my sushi discoveries. Or, well of course, Pailin, my elephant.

Hopes & Dreams for year twenty seven:

. help the world be a better place for elephants
. move back to Canada and create a home for myself
. see Pailin again, visit other elephant sanctuaries
. work on getting in shape and eating healthy
. travel to somewhere new in the world. keep discovering
. get my tattoo. while in London seeing friends
. begin to take the path to an actual career
. see more of Canada, especially BC & Yukon
. take modern dance classes

So, happy birthday to me. Here’s to another exciting year.