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week seven

August 30, 2009


This week I spend a lot of time blowing my nose into tissues and lying in bed. Unpleasant because temp work does not really allow for sick days. That and I leave in a few weeks, so there is still lots to organize.

good things (week seven).
. seeing wedding photos of my beautiful friend Susan
. kindness at work while I dealt with my bad cold
. the checklists showing a lot of checked off things
. harry potter audiobooks keeping my company while I lay in bed sick
. three little kittens curled up on my lap, sleeping
. going to a housewarming party of my friend Jo


the travel bug tales: news from rainy england

August 26, 2009

Revisiting the past of travels, letters written back home while on the road. As the official end of the non-stop traveling life approached, I enjoy the moments to reflect. It will be the sitting the the trains and buses, watching the landscapes pass by that I will miss most. The feeling of progress, of ground passing underneath and being on the move. Some parts of me wonder if I will even ever be able to sit still again.

January 22nd, 2008
Hello family and friends,
Well despite all the hard work on the farms I am still capable about typing a little update from good ol’ England. I have just arrived in the Lakes District for two days of rest before moving on to another farm close by.
Since returning from Canada life has been a whirlwind. Being home for Christmas was lovely and made lovelier by seeing family and friends as well as baking cinnamon buns and visiting the pool.But before long I was off to London and suddenly found myself at a table surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world all together. This was followed by spectacular fireworks seen from Westminster Bridge (as we braved rain, crowds and standing still for four hours) as well as ice skating at Somerset House. Check! Two more things of the “someday I will…” list.

week six

August 23, 2009


the packing has begun. bag number one is nearly packed and is leaving a few weeks ahead of me, together with my mum who’s going to visit family in Ontario. It feels more real, more definite this time. It was all going very well, picking and choosing, until I hit the bookcase, and suddenly couldn’t finalize a top five anymore. It may be a top ten after all (and that excludes the three cookbooks).

good things (week six).

. visits from good friends from London (or non-related family as I like to call them)
. being able to send a bag ahead to canada, less stress and easier choices
. meeting up with my long-time friend, pen pal since the age of thirteen for lunch
. sunny warm weather
. tina and jewel being confiscated from Davenport. Progress being made
. being able to remember the good things, slowly forgetting some of the bad
. another successful chocolate mousse cake

week five

August 16, 2009

week five

This week I booked a flight to return to Canada, and the same week, my dear friend gave birth to a baby girl. I am thrilled to still be in the country to meet her and see my friend, now a mom. Following my own path on my travels has led me to amazing places and people, yet not without consequences I am all too aware of. I am missing my friends wedding in Halifax next week, I have missed many family gatherings, saddest of all my granddads funeral. It certainly makes you think twice about the choices, the sacrifices you make and the people you leave behind when you follow your heart. The next month and a half will be filled with spending quality time with everyone who on October 8th, I will be leaving again.

good things (week five).

. booking my flight to Halifax. Thoughts of seeing friends and favorite haunts.
. the arrival of Willow Rika to the world, daughter of my awesome friend Indra
. dinner and lots of great conversation with Jo
. comfy new pyjama pants
. baking strawberry muffins with vanilla and raspberry frosting
. a much needed Starbucks cafe mocha & sushi fix
. hanging out with my cousin, with lots of laughs
. spending time with family