fingers crossed

August 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance season five concludes tonight. It was another great season which I have followed with pleasure. This show brought to me the love I have for dancing. I didn’t tune in till season three, but after the top 20 performed that year, I signed up for hip hop classes the next day. I was inspired. I was in beautiful Halifax, the start of summer, living on College street and in one of the happiest times of my life. Two years later, it still brings that same feel-good feeling to me, and a passion for dance. I see dance styles on this show I can’t wait to try out, to let my body move and express my feelings rather than hiding it all inside. It’s the most beautiful art form to me. Proven this season by the “addiction” piece (video starts at 15 seconds for some reason, watch it though. incredible) and “if it kills me” piece.

I am crossing my fingers for a Jeanine win. She is such a powerful dancer and woman, and an inspiration. If Evan wins, so be it. Any of the other two (Brandon or Kayla), good for them, it would be well deserved.


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