week four

August 9, 2009


Things are quiet at the birds sanctuary and I finally remembered to bring my camera. There were some big personalities this week, two escape artists and some returning visitors (they know where the free food can be found).

good things (week four).

. jeanine winning So you think you can dance
. ikea shopping lists
. getting back in touch with old friends from high school
. message from Joyce Poole (THE elephant expert)
. watching interview with Lek from The Elephant Nature Park
. the first Starbucks in the Netherlands opening (not counting the airport)
. homemade hummus

2 Responses to “week four”

  1. Emily Says:

    Starbucks, hmmm…I don’t know. I like Seattle’s Best and Costa Coffee a lot better. But Starbucks is alright. I have a weakness for chai creme frappucinos. Did it open in Amsterdam, I would guess?

    • Marieke Says:

      Emily, Holland has none of those types of coffee places. I don’t Seattle’s best is anywhere in Europe even. So I am glad there is at least somewhere where you can get a frappucchino or a white cafe mocha, as its so unheard of here.
      Actually it opened at Utrecht central station. The one at the Amsterdam station is opening in the fall.

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