week five

August 16, 2009

week five

This week I booked a flight to return to Canada, and the same week, my dear friend gave birth to a baby girl. I am thrilled to still be in the country to meet her and see my friend, now a mom. Following my own path on my travels has led me to amazing places and people, yet not without consequences I am all too aware of. I am missing my friends wedding in Halifax next week, I have missed many family gatherings, saddest of all my granddads funeral. It certainly makes you think twice about the choices, the sacrifices you make and the people you leave behind when you follow your heart. The next month and a half will be filled with spending quality time with everyone who on October 8th, I will be leaving again.

good things (week five).

. booking my flight to Halifax. Thoughts of seeing friends and favorite haunts.
. the arrival of Willow Rika to the world, daughter of my awesome friend Indra
. dinner and lots of great conversation with Jo
. comfy new pyjama pants
. baking strawberry muffins with vanilla and raspberry frosting
. a much needed Starbucks cafe mocha & sushi fix
. hanging out with my cousin, with lots of laughs
. spending time with family


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