week six

August 23, 2009


the packing has begun. bag number one is nearly packed and is leaving a few weeks ahead of me, together with my mum who’s going to visit family in Ontario. It feels more real, more definite this time. It was all going very well, picking and choosing, until I hit the bookcase, and suddenly couldn’t finalize a top five anymore. It may be a top ten after all (and that excludes the three cookbooks).

good things (week six).

. visits from good friends from London (or non-related family as I like to call them)
. being able to send a bag ahead to canada, less stress and easier choices
. meeting up with my long-time friend, pen pal since the age of thirteen for lunch
. sunny warm weather
. tina and jewel being confiscated from Davenport. Progress being made
. being able to remember the good things, slowly forgetting some of the bad
. another successful chocolate mousse cake

One Response to “week six”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    I decided not to do another 365 project, but maybe I could handle one of these. A good chance to reflect on the weeks as they pass.

    You look cute! Too bad I won’t be in Ontario when you are. I’m going to Ottawa for the Labour Day weekend.

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