the travel bug tales: news from rainy england

August 26, 2009

Revisiting the past of travels, letters written back home while on the road. As the official end of the non-stop traveling life approached, I enjoy the moments to reflect. It will be the sitting the the trains and buses, watching the landscapes pass by that I will miss most. The feeling of progress, of ground passing underneath and being on the move. Some parts of me wonder if I will even ever be able to sit still again.

January 22nd, 2008
Hello family and friends,
Well despite all the hard work on the farms I am still capable about typing a little update from good ol’ England. I have just arrived in the Lakes District for two days of rest before moving on to another farm close by.
Since returning from Canada life has been a whirlwind. Being home for Christmas was lovely and made lovelier by seeing family and friends as well as baking cinnamon buns and visiting the pool.But before long I was off to London and suddenly found myself at a table surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world all together. This was followed by spectacular fireworks seen from Westminster Bridge (as we braved rain, crowds and standing still for four hours) as well as ice skating at Somerset House. Check! Two more things of the “someday I will…” list.
After bidding all my good friends farewell once more, I threw in a bit of culture and sightseeing in Bath before heading of deep into the Herefordshire countryside to put my (soon to exist) muscles to use. Here I was greeted by a wonderful family who taught me how to make yoghurt, cheese and bread. More adventures were had: I nearly lost my boots in a sea of mud, was chased by geese, befriended a robin and wrote the beginning of what is sure to be the next greatest novel with Raffika (eldest daughter). I would also like to add that I ate black beans, mushrooms and beetroot. Yes, I really did. There were witnesses.
It was a rewarding week and I could go on about it much longer but I don’t want this email to swallow all of the 4 pounds I paid to use the internet.
Leaving the hill behind I went off to Cheshire. At first this seemed a grave mistake, missing the warmth and cheerfulness of the Biggs family. I felt more of an inconvience than a help those first two days. But I set to work and through my charming nature, hard work and probably a little of my extensive internet knowledge won over the host and things became a lot better. In the end it was a great experience and I enjoyed my days of pulling out trees, planting bulbs and chatting with cows. I still decided to leave a few days early, for one because I didn’t know it was going to get better and secondly because one can only pull out so many trees before the body needs a rest.
Which has brought us to today. After this much needed rest I am off to the next farm where I hope to milk a goat. And then, finally, it is off to Scotland. Here I aim to see it all so all loosening the grip on the budget a little (NB: Donations are welcomed) and really take in the country.
But already its been a very worthwhile trip. i have been scribbling in my journal furiously, digging deep into all the things that I hope to (begin to) figure out. And further more breathing fresh air, meeting new people and seeing a bit of england all the while.

Do stay in touch everyone, nothing improves a bad day or makes a good day great than news from you all.

Much love,

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