week seven

August 30, 2009


This week I spend a lot of time blowing my nose into tissues and lying in bed. Unpleasant because temp work does not really allow for sick days. That and I leave in a few weeks, so there is still lots to organize.

good things (week seven).
. seeing wedding photos of my beautiful friend Susan
. kindness at work while I dealt with my bad cold
. the checklists showing a lot of checked off things
. harry potter audiobooks keeping my company while I lay in bed sick
. three little kittens curled up on my lap, sleeping
. going to a housewarming party of my friend Jo

2 Responses to “week seven”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    OMG You have kittens? Why haven’t I seen pictures?

    • Marieke Says:

      I don’t unfortunately, but they did at the bird sanctuary where I volunteer. Sadly I had chosen Saturday as the day NOT to bring my camera… and they are all going to a real family this week so they won’t be there anymore next week.

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