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week eleven

September 27, 2009


(last few days as a blond. It feels like time, as I find a way back to Canada and “real life” to return to the brunette world. I have some doubts, I got used to being blonde again, but it could do me good)

I went to a wedding on Friday, a new friend I made these few months in Holland. Our tea breaks got me through many weeks at work. A lot of bad memories of Holland are  linked to bad choices in friendships I made. I only wish I had met more people like her, full of life, with a full heart and always a smile, back then.
On that note, I am fortunate to have other people like that in my life. Like Indra, to whom I said goodbyes today. I will miss her, I will miss seeing Willow grow into a little girl. But so happy to have them in my life.

good things (week eleven).

. an afternoon with Indra and Willow, saying goodbye (for now!)
. getting a brilliant present: drawing of Pailin
. the last goodbye on a beautiful day of my granddads house
. day driving around Holland with my dad
. seeing Babita & Roy getting married
. having made such a good friend in Holland
. party left over foods for lunch
. counting down the last days of work


the travel bug tales: first day on Crete

September 23, 2009


It was one of the projects i discovered on the internet while in Canada, and I was sold as soon as I saw it. Sea turtle saving in Greece. ocean. beach. and fulfilling the dream of seeing this country with the food and the sun. It was the real beginning of my travels, exploring the unknown, diving in head first. I grew so much those few months, starting with day one – as my journal entry written on the first evening details.

May 15th, 2008
Sitting outside the old school building, the sun sinking slowly and I am surrounded by Crete. It was a hell of a journey to get here today. I had a reasonable sleep on the boat and awoke at about ten to five, freshened up but was feeling a bit groggy. Once off the boat there was a lot of confusion and I got on the wrong bus… oops. I ended up waiting in the middle of nowhere for about an hour until a bus going back in the direction and heading to Chania finally came along. Transferring there went smoothly, but I missed my stop and had to walk back about a kilometer. Read the rest of this entry »

week ten

September 20, 2009

elephant parade

(I know, they aren’t self portraits. But they beat any selfportrait I took this week, in picture and in meaning.)

The last people just went home, the dishwasher is on, and it’s been a great day but it has, as expected, left me feeling a little sad. Unsure of when I will set foot in Holland again, I am going to miss my family, who I appreciate so much since my leaving last time. My cousin spend the weekend and we had so many giggles and fun, I really hope she’ll come visit me in Canada in the next few years.

But I can tell you, the long weekend filled with family friends and elephants was more then worth all the overtime I worked to take it.

good things (week ten).

. seeing the elephants in the elephant parade
. remembering how wonderful it is to hug an elephant
. great day out with my mum
. bracelet with an ellie charm
. tea breaks at work catching up
. sleepover with my cousin
. great goodbye party
. feeling confident about the canada and life adventure

the travel bug tales: around in ireland

September 15, 2009


Ireland felt hurried. It was something I wanted to fit in quickly, but I was more looking forward to getting to Greece and the summer, which was coming so close. I did manage to see sights I had been wanting to see, kissed the blarney stone and met up with a friend in Dublin. Wwoofing once again offered fresh, substantial and healthy food, which along with the exercise and fresh air did wonders for my body and soul. I remember going for a walk, which turned into a run through hilly rocky terrain and feeling incredibly fit and healthy.
At this stage in my trip I decided to identify myself as Canadian because the accent was too much work to explain otherwise.
Hi everyone,
It’s early evening here in lovely but cloudy Cork, a city I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, and I have just finished an afternoon of meandering its streets, and stopping for a coffee as I am still within my budget! hurray. I arrived here today after working in two organic gardens, both for a week, which were really good though not as challenging, educational or exciting as I may have liked. The trip is almost at its end, three weeks passing quickly and in three days I’ll be flying out again. Some things to really look forward to before that however, kissing the blarney stone and having dinner with my dear friend Claire in Dublin, who I haven’t seen for nearly six years. Read the rest of this entry »