the travel bug tales: news from chilly scotland

September 2, 2009


Scotland was one of my favorite places… the snow and hills made it feel like I was back in Nova Scotia yet still discovering a new world. Wild animals darted around outside, and the folk stories that were told still warm my heart today. I learned a lot those first few months of traveling; about budgeting and what I wanted from my travels, and how much I love the outdoors. It was cold that January and February in the UK, but I spent most of it in fields, forests and mountain ranges.

February 03, 2009

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update about a change of plans of life here in the UK. I am off to Holland in a few days, mostly for one really stupid reason: Money. My lack of organizing and planning (tsk) means I am already over my budget and not even half way in. So I return to the parentals to completely work my butt off for a few weeks and then continue on with Ireland as planned and onwards, but hopefully with a lot less worry and anxiety everytime I feel a need to eat or do something fun that costs money. It is of course quite disappointing, but there were more factors that made it a good decision. For one, my stupid dutch bank won’t unblock my creditcard so I can’t even spend money that I don’t have and two, my digital camera (brand new might i add) died about a week and a half ago. So I need to return to the home front, rebudget, reorganize and repack.

Anyway for now I am in Edinburgh, I had a great last farm in the lake district before coming here. I learned so much and did get to milk my goat, as well as weave a willow basket that I am lugging back home. On my day off, fellow wwoofer Lynne and I went hiking in the lake district, which was just brilliant and made me feel like I had properly been there. After one night in Edinburgh I went off on a guided tour through Scotland to the isle of Skye and I just got back tonight. It was absolutely brilliant. The landscapes were amazing, the mountains and the roaming wild red deer everywhere. It was freezing cold and there ended up being a lot of snow, which turned Skye into a winter wonderland that almost seemed like a cross between Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Iceland. Or maybe just like Iceland, I haven’t been there yet. But the snow, as well as a lot of the landscapes and the scottish music that played all the time in the bus, it felt like Nova Scotia and it really calmed me down. The guide was a fabulous storyteller and told us about all the folk stories about the places we went. Best moment was visiting a fairy meadow and then sitting on the bus sipping wine as the sun went down over the ocean and he told the most beautiful story of the trip. I’ll try and write it down as to repeat it to you all some day. For the rest there was climbing mountains, snowball fights, meeting great people, and just really feeling like I was seeing something completely new for the first time.

So after that I am feeling okay about going back home for a bit, because I am giving into the craving of not standing still and know how possible it is now. After a month and a week on the road I am eager to see more but the need to rush things is calming down a bit (though I will still be traveling most of the year).

Thank you all for the emails after the last letter I sent, Ill be properly replying to them all once I am home and had a good morning at the pool, but before all the hard work starts.

Lots of love,

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