week nine

September 13, 2009


To be honest, I did not do much this week other then work, work, work. The benefits of all the overtime will be reaped next week as I take a day and a half off to spend quality time with my family and get ready for my going away party. I quickly snapped the photo while biking to work, which I do for 40 minutes each way every day. Only two weeks left though!

good things (week nine).

. three months as a vegetarian
. delightful and humorous phone call from Sandhya
. getting a lot of hours extra in at work
. the return of the real so you think you can dance
. making some more eggplant parmigiano
. clothes shopping success!
. risotto test tasting with Babita
. dancing in my room
. making sushi and chatting with Jessica

2 Responses to “week nine”

  1. Emily Says:

    I know the feeling….a good portion of my summer disappeared into 66 hour work weeks. Off at 10:10 in the morning, returning around 11:00 at night on average….midnight once at the worst.

    I also agree with the above statement! They look comfy.

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