the travel bug tales: around in ireland

September 15, 2009


Ireland felt hurried. It was something I wanted to fit in quickly, but I was more looking forward to getting to Greece and the summer, which was coming so close. I did manage to see sights I had been wanting to see, kissed the blarney stone and met up with a friend in Dublin. Wwoofing once again offered fresh, substantial and healthy food, which along with the exercise and fresh air did wonders for my body and soul. I remember going for a walk, which turned into a run through hilly rocky terrain and feeling incredibly fit and healthy.
At this stage in my trip I decided to identify myself as Canadian because the accent was too much work to explain otherwise.
Hi everyone,
It’s early evening here in lovely but cloudy Cork, a city I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, and I have just finished an afternoon of meandering its streets, and stopping for a coffee as I am still within my budget! hurray. I arrived here today after working in two organic gardens, both for a week, which were really good though not as challenging, educational or exciting as I may have liked. The trip is almost at its end, three weeks passing quickly and in three days I’ll be flying out again. Some things to really look forward to before that however, kissing the blarney stone and having dinner with my dear friend Claire in Dublin, who I haven’t seen for nearly six years.
After two months in Holland its good to be back on the road (though I had a fabulous long weekend in Berlin half way through) and watching landscapes pass by the window once more. I arrived in Belfast two and a half weeks ago, with a big delay causing me to arrive at my hostel at three in the morning. Sharing a cab with a cute Canadian from Vancouver partly made up for that, but the exhaustion the next day meant I mostly slept through the tour of Northern Ireland. I did step the stones of the Giant Causeway and crossed the scary rope bridge (I got through it without looking down, I would have frozen otherwise). The next day it was off to Galway, a town much lovelier than I had imagined and I wish I could have stayed longer. I had to pass on the Cliffs of Moher for the fact that it was to cost my a small fortune not budgetted for to take the detour with the bus, which means I have to return to Ireland at some point, as its the thing I most wanted to see! Anyhow, I went to my first work place which was a haven of healthy delicious food, lots of sleep and hard work. When I wasn’t too exhausted, I’d go for beautiful walks through the hills, but mostly I just settled with some Irish books found in the house and cats falling asleep on my lap. The second place was on Sherkin Island, also in West Cork, a b&b with a rather scatterbrained lady of the house, but the sandy beaches and crashing waves were most welcomed.
My Canadian accent in any case seems stronger than ever. I may have to forgo telling people I am actually Dutch for its a long story to explain and wouldn’t I rather just be Canadian anyway?
Next week sees me off to my fabulous friend Cecilie in Norway and then, after a week organizing in the Netherlands, it’s off for the South Europe adventures with six weeks protecting the seaturtles on Crete first up. News will trickle in in a few weeks I am sure. Until then keep in touch everyone and I’ll try to stay on top of my correspondence, though do forgive me if it takes a month to reply : )

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