week eleven

September 27, 2009


(last few days as a blond. It feels like time, as I find a way back to Canada and “real life” to return to the brunette world. I have some doubts, I got used to being blonde again, but it could do me good)

I went to a wedding on Friday, a new friend I made these few months in Holland. Our tea breaks got me through many weeks at work. A lot of bad memories of Holland are  linked to bad choices in friendships I made. I only wish I had met more people like her, full of life, with a full heart and always a smile, back then.
On that note, I am fortunate to have other people like that in my life. Like Indra, to whom I said goodbyes today. I will miss her, I will miss seeing Willow grow into a little girl. But so happy to have them in my life.

good things (week eleven).

. an afternoon with Indra and Willow, saying goodbye (for now!)
. getting a brilliant present: drawing of Pailin
. the last goodbye on a beautiful day of my granddads house
. day driving around Holland with my dad
. seeing Babita & Roy getting married
. having made such a good friend in Holland
. party left over foods for lunch
. counting down the last days of work

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