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week fifteen

October 25, 2009


Most last minute photo so far. whoops! It was suddenly Sunday evening and I was waiting for my laundry to finish in the dryer.  It’s been such a hectic week, seeing the last bits of ‘fax, the phone interview and then the twenty four hours in the train and arrival in Ontario (such a different landscape from my beautiful Nova Scotia). Things are still uncertain, and my impatience is growing. I am not traveling and I am not home. It’s this bizarre in between place that could last for a long time.

good things (week fifteen).

. a beautiful afternoon in Point Pleasant Park talking with squirrels
. eating some comforting thai coconut soup
. trying out the B-Well sushi cafe in ‘fax
. making it through the telephone job interview well
. watching scenery go by from the train to Montreal
. white landscape as snow comes down heavily in New Brunswick
. arriving in Kingston, seeing my grandmother again
. catching up with Brenda over a glass of wine
. finding a pair of shoes in the mall, black flats at last
. skype chat with the parentals doing a lot to raise my spirits


battle of the veggie burgers

October 21, 2009

The idea of writing about my explorations of the veggie burger formed on a chilly but pleasant fall evening in Halifax, out dining with my friend Melissa,  the evening when I ordered my second veggie burger in two weeks. We were at the Ardmore Tea Room, local diner, and staple on the Halifax restaurant scene. Melissa was there to review the fish & chips for her own review blog. I just wanted something to go alongside the sweet potato fries.


The first veggie burger, well the first since becoming a fully fledged vegetarian four months ago, was at A&W. The Swiss Veggie Deluxe was the only vegetarian item on the menu. The base ingredient of the veggie burger is portabello mushrooms. Ingredients aside from the patty are A&W Seasoning, Swiss cheese, wheat bun, light Ranch dressing, pickles, sliced onion, lettuce, tomato. This all fit between a wheat bun, making the whole option feel rather healthy. It was a great burger.

I am not sure what the base ingredient of Ardmore’s burger was, but the toppings made the whole thing one big juice goodness, sauteed onions, a thick slice of cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and hot peppers. The sweet potato fries tried to take over the plate, but the burger stood it’s ground. It was good. The patty itself was nothing to write home about in itself, it was all the toppings that completed the picture.

Which one was better? This is where I stumble. Both were delicious in their own rights, A&W wins best patty but the toppings on the Ardmore burger might just push this one to the front of the line. I might have to have another A&W burger for better comparisons.

The Ardmore Tea Room, of course, does win on the side dishes, beating A&W’s overcooked onion rings with it’s crunchy but soft centered sweet potato fries by miles.

for the love of aubergines

October 19, 2009

Recipes have indeed been lacking these few weeks, with preparations to go abroad and then the arrival in Canada but not yet a place to settle. A trip to the farmers market reminded me how much I look forward to that kitchen to call me own, because with aubergine variations like this, there is a whole lot of recipes to try out. Stay tuned, in a few weeks (fingers crossed) or perhaps months, you will see some results.

little aubergines

IMGP8269 copy

week fourteen

October 18, 2009

IMGP8680 copy

I’ve just come back from a day on McNab Island, where the weather held up well until the very end. We were fortunate. The landscape, the history and even the deer I spotted, didn’t quite distract me from worries about the future, money and how I am going to work out the logistics of possible job interview. But luckily, one organization has ok-ed my request for a phone interview, and I will be preparing for that as I head into this next week. On Thursday, I leave beautiful Nova Scotia to see family in Toronto. I know Halifax was never perfect, but it was indeed home.

good things (week fourteen).

. the most amazing fall colours I have ever seen
. a peanut butter mocha in Fredericton
. kandise & andre, and her family for making it an amazing thanksgiving
. a night of indian food and board games
. sushi in the bus back to Halifax
. bliss with fall harvest soup & rocky road mochas at Coburg cafe
. a job opportunity in sighs
. skype chat with the parentals
. lovely lunch catching up with Meaghan and stopping by the old office
. the magic that is the Halifax farmers market
. heading out for dinner to Mexico Lindo with Melissa
. day trip to McNab Island for hiking and learning some history