away we go.

October 8, 2009

Wet snow is lashing against the windows of the airport. The three hour wait will fill me with even more anticipation as I prepare to return to Canada. Plans for the future are stocked up high. Plans, dreams, goals. Not yet reality.
The weather suits my mood. Snow means Canada. Long ago, just after leaving the homeland, I had found myself a foot deep in snow in Scotland. Accompanied with the music, I could close my eyes, smell the air and be home again.
But home keeps shifting. I don’t live in Halifax, nor have I done for the last two years, nor will I again soon. My parent’s house in Holland doesn’t quite qualify for the simple problem of it being in Holland. If home really is where the heart is, then its scattered all over the place, with a large chunk in Thailand with Pailin. But Thailand was only ever felt peaceful when I was standing in front of the elephant I call mine.
I am chasing dreams and hopes. I know they aren’t all in Canada,but a lot of them can be fulfilled by being there. Steps can be taken to getting the life I hope for. However, I am holding on to the voiceover of Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy of last week.

“Just whatever you do, stop worrying. Because the only cure for paranoia is to be. Here. Just as you are.”

So first. Halifax, friends, thanksgiving and giving thanks.

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