week thirteen

October 12, 2009


It’s been great to be back in Canada. It feels like coming home. I’ve decided that from this week I better try to make more effort with these selfportraits. They are a little simple and last minute every week. This one was taken outside a home where Kandise and Andre were picking up some cabinets for the bedroom. The fall colours are out in full force as soon as you get out of Halifax. Hopefully the city will catch up before I head to Ontario.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

good things (week thirteen).

. waking up with a fab dream on monday
. great day out shopping with mum
. last cup of tea accompanied with chat with Jessica
. fitting everything in my suitcase! well… nearly
. returning to Halifax, back home at last
. hanging out with Melissa, catching up and drinking mojitos
. getting my driving license back, reopening my bank account.
. all things canadian
. beautiful fall colours out of the city, all the way to New Brunswick
. meeting up with Kandise and Andre to spend the holidays
. moncton farmers market treasures
. veggie burger joy at A&W
. being at “the camp” for thanksgiving, wonderful surroundings and wonderful people
. lots of delicious food from sweet potatoes with maple syrup to chocolate peanut butter squares

One Response to “week thirteen”

  1. robyn paton Says:

    happy return-to-canada (and happy thanksgiving, too!)! I hope Halifax is treating you well so far.

    If you pass through Ottawa on your Ontario tour, let me know.

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