week fourteen

October 18, 2009

IMGP8680 copy

I’ve just come back from a day on McNab Island, where the weather held up well until the very end. We were fortunate. The landscape, the history and even the deer I spotted, didn’t quite distract me from worries about the future, money and how I am going to work out the logistics of possible job interview. But luckily, one organization has ok-ed my request for a phone interview, and I will be preparing for that as I head into this next week. On Thursday, I leave beautiful Nova Scotia to see family in Toronto. I know Halifax was never perfect, but it was indeed home.

good things (week fourteen).

. the most amazing fall colours I have ever seen
. a peanut butter mocha in Fredericton
. kandise & andre, and her family for making it an amazing thanksgiving
. a night of indian food and board games
. sushi in the bus back to Halifax
. bliss with fall harvest soup & rocky road mochas at Coburg cafe
. a job opportunity in sighs
. skype chat with the parentals
. lovely lunch catching up with Meaghan and stopping by the old office
. the magic that is the Halifax farmers market
. heading out for dinner to Mexico Lindo with Melissa
. day trip to McNab Island for hiking and learning some history

2 Responses to “week fourteen”

  1. K Says:

    Awwww we were so happy to have you! It was an awesome time, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. iheartfilm Says:

    Yeah, the fall colors are finally popping around here. 🙂

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