battle of the veggie burgers

October 21, 2009

The idea of writing about my explorations of the veggie burger formed on a chilly but pleasant fall evening in Halifax, out dining with my friend Melissa,  the evening when I ordered my second veggie burger in two weeks. We were at the Ardmore Tea Room, local diner, and staple on the Halifax restaurant scene. Melissa was there to review the fish & chips for her own review blog. I just wanted something to go alongside the sweet potato fries.


The first veggie burger, well the first since becoming a fully fledged vegetarian four months ago, was at A&W. The Swiss Veggie Deluxe was the only vegetarian item on the menu. The base ingredient of the veggie burger is portabello mushrooms. Ingredients aside from the patty are A&W Seasoning, Swiss cheese, wheat bun, light Ranch dressing, pickles, sliced onion, lettuce, tomato. This all fit between a wheat bun, making the whole option feel rather healthy. It was a great burger.

I am not sure what the base ingredient of Ardmore’s burger was, but the toppings made the whole thing one big juice goodness, sauteed onions, a thick slice of cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and hot peppers. The sweet potato fries tried to take over the plate, but the burger stood it’s ground. It was good. The patty itself was nothing to write home about in itself, it was all the toppings that completed the picture.

Which one was better? This is where I stumble. Both were delicious in their own rights, A&W wins best patty but the toppings on the Ardmore burger might just push this one to the front of the line. I might have to have another A&W burger for better comparisons.

The Ardmore Tea Room, of course, does win on the side dishes, beating A&W’s overcooked onion rings with it’s crunchy but soft centered sweet potato fries by miles.

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