week fifteen

October 25, 2009


Most last minute photo so far. whoops! It was suddenly Sunday evening and I was waiting for my laundry to finish in the dryer.  It’s been such a hectic week, seeing the last bits of ‘fax, the phone interview and then the twenty four hours in the train and arrival in Ontario (such a different landscape from my beautiful Nova Scotia). Things are still uncertain, and my impatience is growing. I am not traveling and I am not home. It’s this bizarre in between place that could last for a long time.

good things (week fifteen).

. a beautiful afternoon in Point Pleasant Park talking with squirrels
. eating some comforting thai coconut soup
. trying out the B-Well sushi cafe in ‘fax
. making it through the telephone job interview well
. watching scenery go by from the train to Montreal
. white landscape as snow comes down heavily in New Brunswick
. arriving in Kingston, seeing my grandmother again
. catching up with Brenda over a glass of wine
. finding a pair of shoes in the mall, black flats at last
. skype chat with the parentals doing a lot to raise my spirits

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