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week twenty

November 29, 2009

This week, well it isn’t high in my list of favorite weeks. I waited to hear from my dream job and never did. It took some time to get past that, to find positivity and hope around me and continue to keep faith in my passion and abilities. It’s all for Pailin. Never forget.

Coming week we are definitely expecting snow. Everyday I look out of my window first thing in the morning to see if its here yet… soon.soon.soon.

good things (week twenty).

. spoiling myself with new underwear and pyjamas
. frequent emails from the parentals as they continue to travel asia
. making sushi for my aunt & uncle
. sending out a lot more resumes and follow ups, back in the game
. joan of arcadia marathon to get back on the spiritual path
. getting photos in for elephant book, some amazing captures
. a few carefree moments on a trampoline


week nineteen

November 23, 2009

It’s another last minute photo. Taken five minutes before turning off the light on Sunday evening. It’s been a strange week. No news on anything yet.

good things (week nineteen).

. making christmas decorations for the village
. meeting my aunt’s family
. reasonable successful shopping trip with three new tops aquired
. cooking for my aunt & uncle
. belting along to Defying Gravity
. my chocolate mousse cake turning out well
. cuddling a cute puppy
. Joannie Rochettte’s amazing performance at Skate Canada

week eighteen

November 15, 2009


“Make your spirits bright. Wish.” The holiday season is kicked off. Not because of the Christmas decorations that are starting to pop up everywhere, nor the holiday commercials that started the day after Halloween. No, it was the return of the Starbucks holiday drinks, which includes my favorite, the Peppermint mocha.
Today started off great. An email from both my parents about their exciting adventures in Malaysia and the news that WFFT has rescued another elephant off the streets. This week has been about reconnecting about my passion for elephants and trying to weave this passion through my life.

good things (week eighteen).

. going for a walk with my aunt on the trail
. the most fabulous little tea room (the teeny tiny tea room in Peterborough)
. cooking a curry with courgette & aubergine for my aunt
. emails from friends checking in
. the first poetry submission for my elephant fundraiser
. a peppermint mocha and reading book jackets till closing time
. raking leafs in the backyard, fresh air and exercise
. taking on photographing duties for the historical society on remembrance day
. the kids from next door visiting, drawing elephants and writing on my arms
. watching the final of Battle of the Blades

Elephant Poetry & Prose Project

November 13, 2009

I recently kicked off a new project to raise funds for the Thai elephants. The Elephant Poetry & Prose project will combine writing and photography about and of elephants to compose a book. All profits of the book will go to the Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary.

If you are a writer, perhaps you will feel inspired to write about elephants. If you are an elephant lover, perhaps you will be inspired to write about them. Remember that this is for a great cause and you can help! The Thai elephants need your help.

If you have any submissions, please email them to elephantpoetry(NOSPAM) Without the (NOSPAM) part of course.
Join the facebook group to learn more.