week sixteen

November 1, 2009


This week was about adjusting to the slow pace until that job opportunity comes around. I am eager to get started, to decorate, to join, to immerse. But until then I need to practice patience, and mostly, keep the faith. In the meantime the Glee soundtrack is doing a good job of raising my spirits, with songs from Don’t stop believing” to Sweet Caroline”. The photo therefor is my ode to the fun series and its music.

good things (week sixteen).

. slowly finding some calm amidst the quiet
. getting elephant books from the library
. a wonderful night at the theatre, seeing Monkey’s story
. drinking a starbucks mocha (first since Canada return!)
. browsing stores, getting ideas for the apartment
. news from Cecilie
. cooking dinner for my grandmother & Brenda
. a walk on Halloween night to see the carved pumpkins and decorations
. dancing around my room to the Glee soundtrack

3 Responses to “week sixteen”

  1. Kym Scott Says:

    I like that you choose to write good things about your week. Inspiring. You’re on my blogroll.

    • Marieke Says:

      thank you so much. I feel listing good things keeps me grounded and focused on the important things. It is also nice to look back on the year in the end.

  2. Kym Scott Says:

    Oh I didn’t think about that! Looking back on a year of good things listed…brilliant.

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