reminisce – verb, to recall past experiences

November 10, 2009


Reading my asia journal, and going through photos of those three months, I rediscovered so much hope and drive. It was a healing journey, and so full of discovery. I remember a moment where I though” Wow, I am still only 26″. I felt young and like I could do anything. A belief that I could make changes in the world, that my life would mean something more than I imaged. All thanks to an elephant and some wonderful people I met along the way.

My parents are in Asia right now, where life is simple, the food healthy and the weather warm. I hope they have an incredible time, but I am a little envious too. They are in Singapore at the moment, which I remember best for the Indian food I ate in Little India, and the waiters that kept checking in on me because I looked like I might die of the heat of the food. So much spiciness. Fond memories.

Being in Canada, looking for that job that I envisioned there, it’s been difficult being in the moment and accepting this intermission period that will last until that dream job sees my potential and my passion. But in between the anxiety and the job applications, there is the person I became in Asia, confident, determined and powerful.

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