week eighteen

November 15, 2009


“Make your spirits bright. Wish.” The holiday season is kicked off. Not because of the Christmas decorations that are starting to pop up everywhere, nor the holiday commercials that started the day after Halloween. No, it was the return of the Starbucks holiday drinks, which includes my favorite, the Peppermint mocha.
Today started off great. An email from both my parents about their exciting adventures in Malaysia and the news that WFFT has rescued another elephant off the streets. This week has been about reconnecting about my passion for elephants and trying to weave this passion through my life.

good things (week eighteen).

. going for a walk with my aunt on the trail
. the most fabulous little tea room (the teeny tiny tea room in Peterborough)
. cooking a curry with courgette & aubergine for my aunt
. emails from friends checking in
. the first poetry submission for my elephant fundraiser
. a peppermint mocha and reading book jackets till closing time
. raking leafs in the backyard, fresh air and exercise
. taking on photographing duties for the historical society on remembrance day
. the kids from next door visiting, drawing elephants and writing on my arms
. watching the final of Battle of the Blades

2 Responses to “week eighteen”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    I had one of those peppermint mochas on Thursday. Yum!

  2. Emily Says:

    Eggnog lattes are one of my particular favorites. 🙂 Though the Peppermint mocha is quite delicious too. I think Settle’s Best white and classic mochas may be my all time favorites, however.

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