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week twenty-four

December 28, 2009

Ah yes, the obvious Christmas self-portrait, but note the antlers. Big week, bigger weeks ahead. It was a good christmas, I am so glad to speak to my parents twice on skype and them helping me make some big choices. Skype is pretty much the best invention ever. I am looking ahead to a few months of cold, but with a goal, a place to cook and an opportunity to create chances in my life and a chance to create opportunities.

good things (week twenty-four).

. talking to my parents on christmas day
. finally wearing my christmas pyjamas and underwear
. making cinnamon buns, guacomole, and bourbon sweet potatoes
. lovely christmas presents including elephant teapot!
. deciding on a place to live, a home to look forward to
. getting paperwork sorted, moving towards settling down
. going to the cinema to see awesome The Blind Side


week twenty-three

December 22, 2009

Oh dear, I resorted to photo booth this week. Cat lives at the hostel where I stayed for a few nights. We had breakfast together.

I am a little late posting this, but both the picture and the list were done in the right week. A stressful week of running around, Toronto, Ottawa, apartments here, forms there. I am still waiting for the point where it all comes together. In the middle of it all was the olympic flame, passing through a small town near my aunt & uncle’s… a moment of history witnessed. Kind of neat.

good things (week twenty three).

. getting to know a new city I will call home for a little while
. visiting an H&M while in Toronto
. seeing the Olympic torch pass through small town Canada
. skype chats with the parentals throughout the week
. making a vegetarian, yet not too shabby, spaghetti carbonara
. christmas movies on tv, it’s the season!
. meeting some very nice people at the hostel
. quick chat with Lucia

week twenty-two

December 13, 2009

good things (week twenty-two).

. snowstorm blazing around resulting in a winter wonder land
. a city trip resulting in good things
. back in the familiar surroundings of a hostel. I kind of missed them
. meeting Lana and the cutest kid ever, Alden, seeing Robyn again
. my parents back safe and sound from Asia and speaking to them on skype
. getting a little more comfortable on the skates

week twenty-one

December 6, 2009

Wow, suddenly Christmas is around the corner. And I realized I am getting close to half way with this project. Snow fell this week and I remember my birthday, when I started this, being in flip flops and enjoying the sunshine. I volunteered at the Christmas in the Village, taking pictures of the kids with Santa Claus. I put on my reindeer antlers and snapped over 90 kids during two and a half hours. It was a rewarding night. The photo was taken while I was printing all those 90 photos, which took till about two in the morning.

good things (week twenty-one).

. adventure hiking with my aunt through swamps, forests and fields
. first snowfall! Bouncing out of bed at 7.30 in the morning and running outside
. a new picture surfacing of Pailin & I
. watching the girls next door perform at their church Christmas dinner
. being santa’s little helper at “Christmas in the Village”
. discussing my future with people who know stuff, possible opportunities surfacing
. making chocolate pretzels for Christmas events. yum.
. my first pair of figure skates and going skating