week twenty-four

December 28, 2009

Ah yes, the obvious Christmas self-portrait, but note the antlers. Big week, bigger weeks ahead. It was a good christmas, I am so glad to speak to my parents twice on skype and them helping me make some big choices. Skype is pretty much the best invention ever. I am looking ahead to a few months of cold, but with a goal, a place to cook and an opportunity to create chances in my life and a chance to create opportunities.

good things (week twenty-four).

. talking to my parents on christmas day
. finally wearing my christmas pyjamas and underwear
. making cinnamon buns, guacomole, and bourbon sweet potatoes
. lovely christmas presents including elephant teapot!
. deciding on a place to live, a home to look forward to
. getting paperwork sorted, moving towards settling down
. going to the cinema to see awesome The Blind Side

4 Responses to “week twenty-four”

  1. K Says:

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Emily Rose Says:

    Hope everything works out for you. Best wishes for the new year. 🙂

    • Marieke Says:

      emily! you’ve moved blogs! Happy new year and hopefully see you when Thijs comes to visit you in the summer.

      • Emily Rose Says:

        Hehe, sort of. I don’t like wordpress quite as much as blogger as far as it’s laid out and there’s so much you have to pay for….can’t even show edits to your blog template without paying for an upgrade. But I thought I’d give wordpress a try on the side, anyway.

        A summer visit would be nice, though I’m not entirely sure how things will play out for me yet. Soon enough I’ll receive my nice little degree saying I have a BFA (or that I’ve sacrificed 4 years of my life and thousands of dollars worth of mine and my parent’s hard earned money, lol). I’m hopeful, though. 🙂

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