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week twenty-nine

January 31, 2010

I am typing this from my new apartment, filled with my new IKEA furniture and a fridge of fresh food. It’s been a long time coming and it’s been overwhelming. I am glad I am now here and ready to really start this year. Ready to focus on what is important and eating some nice meals in the meantime.

good things (week twenty-nine)

. meeting Darby for coffee, talking about Thailand, Pailin and Halifax
. a delicious risotto as my first meal in the apartment
. unpacking my suitcases, a long time coming
. sneaky skype chat with my parents in the library (it was almost empty)
. my grandmothers quilt, draped over my sofabed
. my aunt and uncle coming down to help me move, couldn’t have done it without them


Lunch at the National Gallery

January 26, 2010

I had been strolling around the National Gallery, getting quite hungry. As I walked past the cafe, I decided to peek at the menu even though my wallet was in my bag checked-in at the coat check. Upon seeing that they had a veggieburger on the menu, I made my way to the coat check, got my wallet and went straight back to order the burger. Prices at the National Gallery were a big surprise, for nine dollars I had my burger, a plate full of salads and a coke. The salads are priced by weight and has a big vegetarian variety. Views from the restaurant are gorgeous and the huge windows make it a great space. I would go back here for the restaurant alone and the art itself was pretty good too. (not enough impressionism though).

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week twenty-eight

January 24, 2010

With one week to go till I move that is front and center on my mind. One more week till I have my own space. Seven more days till I am unpacked. Maybe the move will inspire some decent self portraits as well… until then I give you foot-art.

Doing a lot of contemplating about the world with the awfulness going on in Haiti, the state of things and a dream about Pailin. Someone from work wondered, with the trying to save the world work we do, what the hell we are trying to save. I admit, this crosses my mind often being involved with elephant organizations and causes likeminded. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle and people only pay any notice when the news shows the awful images 24/7. People really pulled together for Haiti, which is amazing, but don’t lose momentum. The world is full of things to fix.

good things (week twenty-eight).

. dinner at Zen kitchen, yummy!
. getting a strike at bowling, out with the office
. a quick chat with my cousin in Holland online
. exploring Chinatown with Robyn and coffee in Raw Sugar
. sitting in Second Cup skyping with the parentals
. trying out GoSushi!, good stuff and around the corner of the new place
. one week to go till the move!
. getting a really awesome email from Canadian author Barbara Gowdy
. first glass of wine in about a month

sushi quest comes to ottawa

January 19, 2010

And so it begins, the exploration of sushi in this new city. The first taste came the day of my two interviews, smack in the middle of the two. The morning interview had gone decently but completely put me off taking the internship. After emailing my mum with the updates, I made my way through the snowstorm to New Generation Sushi on 150 Laurier Ave. West. I sat down at the corner table, dumped my heavy bags, took of the snow covered coat, the gloves and accepted a menu. I was in the mood for comfort, which means shrimp tempura and a philly roll. Safe, but in a nice familiar way. The rolls were good but very small for the price. Read the rest of this entry »