year 2009

January 1, 2010

Hello 2010, goodbye 2009. What a year it has been. It started off in the worst possible way, losing my wonderful granddad, whom I still miss so much. Then days later I stood face to face with Pailin. The place all my choices in life has led me and I knew life would never be the same again.It’s been an emotional roller coaster. Finding out who I want to be and who I am, my purpose in life and figuring out how to get there. But really, it was all about the elephants in this one.

good things (the year 2009).

. obviously, clearly, and above all, first on this list is Pailin, the elephant who changed my life and everything else.
. learning about elephants, and getting involved, dedicating myself to their cause.
. the amazing people I met all year everywhere along the way.
. kayaking through the mangroves in Malaysia.
. sushi with Kelly in Chiang Mai, best sushi ever.
. the traveler I have become as I find my way through South East Asia with ease
. wandering the streets of Rome and eating spaghetti carbonara.
. visiting the cities I always wanted to see, Prague, Vienna, Venice etc.
. learning some incredible recipes working on a farm in Tuscany.
. meeting up with my oldest friend Marlieke after eight years.
. day out with mum to the elephant parade in Amsterdam
. saying goodbye to my granddads house and childhood on a beautiful summer day.
. having a great goodbye party to spend some quality time with family and friends.
. becoming a vegetarian and having no problems adapting.
. getting my tattoo done in London, while also meeting up with some favorite people.
. returning to Halifax, home sweet home.
. enjoying the beautiful fall colours everywhere.
. thanksgiving with the Brown’s, Canadian life at its best.
. keeping busy while looking for work, knowing what I want and what I need to do
. being able to stay in touch with my parents, and others through skype.

It’s only snippets. There was so much more to be grateful for, mostly for all the people in my life and the opportunities I had.

Have a good one everyone, may the coming year be full of love, happiness and peace. And may it be a good year for wildlife and the world as well as ourselves.


One Response to “year 2009”

  1. K Says:

    I wish all the best for you this year, dearest!

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