Harvey’s: the veggie burger

January 2, 2010

It was a cold day at the end of December. It was high time that i took my turn in buying lunch and, after scouring the web and discovering which fast food restaurants do veggie burgers, I decided we’d go to Harvey’s. I ordered the veggie burger with onion rings on the side.

The Burger:
Harvey’s lets you select your own toppings, which I love. Pile them up I say. And I very much enjoyed the toppings. The burger however, was rather bland. I haven’t been able to locate a ingredients list online but am guessing it’s a basic soy burger whereas the A&W burger’s primary ingredient was portabello mushrooms.

The Onion rings:
Excellent! So much better than the A&W ones. The Harveys onion rings were not overcooked and were thinner, which I think helped in the cooking process as well.

Next stop: Burger King. After that it seems I have run out of veggie burgers in fast food places and will have to find some diners serving them to get my fix.

One Response to “Harvey’s: the veggie burger”

  1. Emily Rose Says:

    It’s not the same as going out, but they have a fairly decent frozen brand of veggie burgers and other things here in the states called Morningstar. I can’t say if it’s up in Canada or not. I’ve had their portabello veggie burgers and breaded “chik’n”, anyway….better fan of the burgers.

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