week twenty-six

January 10, 2010

This week I’ve had a bit of a crisis of faith. Wondering if I am on the right path to the future I envision for myself. I find myself in a good but very entry level position at twenty-seven years old, in a city I have always, justified or not, had an aversion to. On top of that my money transfer from Holland seems to have gone missing and I can’t do any of the apartment shopping I had planned, or eat anything more than pasta with tomato sauce with no cheese.

Today I decided that whatever happened, I needed to get outside and get a feel for the city a little. National Gallery it was, and off I went. A lovely museum with a good collection, though too little Impressionists for my liking. But reading the details for van Gogh and Monet paintings, touching on the places I visited when I walked in their footsteps in France, made me realize the things I have done, and that I am not one of those people who wish they would go places and never do. I need to hold on to the knowledge that I make things happen in my life. And this is just a step to getting there.

As for this weeks photo, I realized as I missed Pailin some more and wondered how long it would be till I reach my goal of making a difference in the lives of elephants, that my tattoo had not yet been the subject of the fifty-two weeks project!

good things (week twenty-six).

. completing my first week of work, learning about the organization and more
. going out for Vietnamese food with work for my welcome lunch
. joining the library and getting some elephant books out
. eventually figuring out the bus schedule and routes
. treating myself to a piece of pizza from Bread & Sons
. walking around the peaceful National Gallery of Canada
. finding a magical Italian food store in the Byward market
. friends and family checking in to see how the first week has gone
. constant support from my parents and a phone call from my dad, that did me good
. unexpected veggie burger opportunity (so many of my weekly good things are food related)

One Response to “week twenty-six”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    I love the National Gallery. The Canadian collections are great especially! My best friend Remi lives in Ottawa, if you guys ever want to get together, he’s a great friend to have.

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