week twenty-seven

January 17, 2010

A year ago my life changed forever, in one week. Two things happened, one awful, one incredibly good. This day last year my grandfather past away. My dear loving grandfather who I always enjoyed visiting so much whenever I was in the Netherlands. Along with that, the only place that truly felt like a sanctuary, filled with memories and childhood, was gone.
Two days later, I got on a plane to Thailand and suddenly found myself standing in front of an elephant. Well, as they say the rest is history. Life got a new priority, Pailin and elephants. She is my reason for being and for all that I am today.
I think about both my granddad and Pailin all the time, but this week I need to slow down and remember the past and the present. Stand still and reflect.

good things. (week twenty-seven)

. delicious sushi evening with Robyn, a great person to know in this new city
. news that Pailin is making friends with Bue Ngun
. buying my spices and must-have foods for the apartment
. finally getting the bank stuff sorted out
. delicious avocado/tomato/cilantro sandwich
. receiving new poems for the Elephant Poetry & Prose Project
. getting closer to a date where I will be unpacked for at least eleven months
. making a start with getting involved in the city
. a phone call from my parents,
. news of my 22reasons elephant arriving at Willow’s. Now I want one!


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