sushi quest comes to ottawa

January 19, 2010

And so it begins, the exploration of sushi in this new city. The first taste came the day of my two interviews, smack in the middle of the two. The morning interview had gone decently but completely put me off taking the internship. After emailing my mum with the updates, I made my way through the snowstorm to New Generation Sushi on 150 Laurier Ave. West. I sat down at the corner table, dumped my heavy bags, took of the snow covered coat, the gloves and accepted a menu. I was in the mood for comfort, which means shrimp tempura and a philly roll. Safe, but in a nice familiar way. The rolls were good but very small for the price.

However, it could not measure up to Sushi 88 on Bronson avenue, where I went the week after my move to the nations capital to meet Robyn. The company of course makes a big difference when going out to eat. But the white tiger roll (shrimp tempura covered with fresh salmon – seen in the back) will be a reason I return here often. The sweet potato tempura roll was divine and an avocado roll can do no wrong.

It did not quite beat the magic that was Chiang Mai so not the best sushi in the world, this might just be the best sushi in Ottawa. That is what I was told by Robyn and she is an experienced Ottawa sushi diner. Not that it will stop me trying out places near and far.

Explorations shall continue and you shall be kept informed.

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