week twenty-eight

January 24, 2010

With one week to go till I move that is front and center on my mind. One more week till I have my own space. Seven more days till I am unpacked. Maybe the move will inspire some decent self portraits as well… until then I give you foot-art.

Doing a lot of contemplating about the world with the awfulness going on in Haiti, the state of things and a dream about Pailin. Someone from work wondered, with the trying to save the world work we do, what the hell we are trying to save. I admit, this crosses my mind often being involved with elephant organizations and causes likeminded. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle and people only pay any notice when the news shows the awful images 24/7. People really pulled together for Haiti, which is amazing, but don’t lose momentum. The world is full of things to fix.

good things (week twenty-eight).

. dinner at Zen kitchen, yummy!
. getting a strike at bowling, out with the office
. a quick chat with my cousin in Holland online
. exploring Chinatown with Robyn and coffee in Raw Sugar
. sitting in Second Cup skyping with the parentals
. trying out GoSushi!, good stuff and around the corner of the new place
. one week to go till the move!
. getting a really awesome email from Canadian author Barbara Gowdy
. first glass of wine in about a month


One Response to “week twenty-eight”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Those feet were made for walkin’. 🙂

    You’re on your way!

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