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week thirty-three

February 28, 2010

It’s no secret my return to Canada has been not without fault, that I’ve been having trouble fitting back in and wondering if I belong here. Tonight though, as Sidney Crosby brought home the cold with the hockey, sitting amongst Canadians jumping up and down and celebrating, I felt part of something again at last, if only for a little while. I might not always feel Canadian, but I always feel 100% Nova Scotian, and Nova Scotia won the Olympics for me tonight.
Getting dressed up Saturday night was also a treat, one can only spend so many Saturday nights at home.

good things (week thirty three).

. Canada winning GOLD! Sidney Crosby scoring and winning the game for us.
. watching the final with Darby & Craig in a pub downtown
. checking out the awesome art cinema down the street
. a wonderful evening of opera and politicians at the Black & White soiree
. good company and a delicious Cosmopolitan to end the evening
. a new hard drive in my computer (for free!!)
. white fluffy stuff falling out of the sky almost every day (even it all turned into slush)
. trying on pretty dresses for the Black and White Soiree
. Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir’s routine – pure poetry in motion


week thirty-two

February 21, 2010

Last weekend of Winterlude, the sculptures are on their last days, melting and breaking down and the tree cozies from Spins and Needles are being taken down. A darn shame, because its the only moments of winter around. Snow falls infrequently only to melt as it hits the ground. Ottawa has lost it’s reputation this year for snowiest capital in the world, 65% less snow than most years… it’s been frustrating. I like my weather a little less boring! Last week writing about the lack of snow, I promise.

good things (week thirty-two).

. finally, finally getting a haircut. and a successful one
. going out for dinner at one of the vegetarian restaurants in town
. seeing the ice sculptures at night
. my grandmother and relatives stopping by for a visit
. baking peanut butter cookies and apricot squares
. making a snow angel in some fresh fallen snow
. hanging out with Spins & Needles, doing some neat crafts
. being able to watch the Canadian hockey (go Crosby!)

Smells of grass (fridge poetry)

February 20, 2010

the travel bug tales: speaking english in Spain

February 17, 2010


Pueblo Ingles literally means English Village, and the Pueblo Ingles volunteer program turned a remote vacationing spot in Spain, on the border with Portugal, into an English speaking village for ten days. Spanish students and us Anglos did nothing but talk, talk and talk.  My birthday happened to fall into those ten days and it goes down as one of my best birthdays yet. Mojito’s and friends and a party to get dressed up for. For the second time in a summer, in a manner of days people I had never met became some of my closest friends.
My roommate, Lindsay, had her laptop with her and we were able to use the phone line as our internet connection and one opportunity to talk to the outside world. During an afternoon siesta, I found some time to write home about the days that were passing and that I still miss now.


I am in Spain right now, right on the border with Portugal. In the middle of fricking nowhere! It’s a place with some vacation homes but we are the only people staying here. So its very quiet and there is no shop or town nearby. It can drive us a little crazy because we are also surrounded by mountains and can feel closed in. But its quite luxurious, there is a pool, tennis court and we all live in the little houses. I share with Lindsay who is from New York and across the hall is Monica, one of the Spanish girls and Christine, the group leader. Its a lot of fun! There are lots of fun games and activities and really is a good step further for my socializing skills. The time here mostly consists of one on ones, which means you spend 50 minutes talking to one of the Spanish people so that they use their English practically. We also have group activities and games which are fun. We are playing the murder game at the moment where you need to get the person that you drew out of the hat of papers to the place that you got on another piece of paper and get them to hold something that you got on another piece of paper. Today I killed my first person; Carmen on the steps by reception with a mobile phone. So now I get the papers of who she has to kill and try and kill that one. Its good fun.

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