here comes the avocado avalanche

February 10, 2010

Since finding out about The Works, I’ve been planning this excursion and trying to decide what to order. Two weeks later, after Darby and Craig came over for a glass of wine as my first guests in my apartment, we headed to the restaurant. It was packed, we waited for about fifteen minutes, once again looking at the menu. When we were seated, we still hadn’t made up our minds.

Here’s the deal. The Works offers the option out of seven different burger patties, two of which are vegetarian. Then you need to pick a topping, out of their seventy toppings. SEVENTY (! Therefore, an impossible choice. I urge you to look at their menu and take on the challenge.

I ended up picking a veggie burger with the April’s Avocado Avalance topping (grilled eggplant, salsa, avocado, feta) and added brie as an extra topping. For the side dish, sweet potato fries.

The cokes came in big measuring cups. and it was a wait for the burger but it was worth the wait. We were actually asked if we wanted a knife and Darby, the crazy girl, was so afraid of the burger staring her in the face (though we talked her out of using it until the very end when it really did become impossible to eat).  Hers was especially tricky to eat with the sauteed onions.

All in all the burger was really good. The bun was the only letdown, plain whole wheat and not toasted. I’ll go back though, if I can ever decide on another topping to try….

5 Responses to “here comes the avocado avalanche”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    MMM. I had this on my list of places to visit when I was in Ottawa, but I didn’t get a chance. Looks great. I wish we had something like this here. There’s a place in Fredericton now called “Relish” which is also a burger joint.

  2. K Says:

    Sounds AWESOME. You need to get the onion rings next time. I’ve never been to The Works myself, but I’ve seen pics.

    Relish is similar in concept for sure, I think about 10-12 toppings instead of 70 though lol.

  3. Steve & Laurie Says:

    H-m-m-m – guess we know where we`re going to eat when we come up! So many choices – so little time….but we`ll need to go for a nice long walk afterwards! How is Frankie doing? We hope she`s settling in ok and getting comfortable hopping up on your futon or papasan for a cuddle. If not yet – give her some time – your place is very comfortable, especially with the sun streaming through the window!
    We’ll talk soon!

  4. Steve & Laurie Says:

    Payton`s birthday tomorrow! She’s all excited about it! We’ll send your love to her! If she comes over, we’ll show her your blog site – she’ll love it!

  5. Shirley Pickthorne-Elliott Says:

    Luckily I never throw anything out, or delete, and was able to dredge up your greenapples site address from an old old email and finally see how you are doing up in my dear old Ottawa (thanks to Stephen who phoned yesterday, full of news from your website about your new apt, etc.) I’d been looking for an email! Electronic filing still eludes me. Passwords, access codes, blogs, the brain seizes ….
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying Ottawa, your apartment looks wonderful!

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