week thirty-one

February 15, 2010

I had a picture all thought out this week, but as I walked to the canal, skates in hand, I realized it was a lot colder than I expected.  I had forgotten my hat, my gloves and my tissues. As I am overcoming a cold this weekend, I decided to turn around and settle for this photo instead.
In the meantime it’s cold but where on earth is all the snow? Seems it’s all decided to head to Europe instead. I haven’t tried out the cross-country skiing yet!

good things (week thirty-one).

. the mac store giving great customer service
. finding a really interesting volunteer opportunity
. my uncle and cousin having booked their vacation, including a visit to me!
. skyping with a white chocolate mocha in one hand
. interesting Monday evening challenging myself in a new experience
. getting through the long, long to do list
. starting to read my elephant books, starting with Modoc, what an adventure
. hanging up picture frames, the cardboard deer head & chalkboard sheets
. making a delicious thai curry, and the day after that a delicious scalloped potatoes dish with seafood

2 Responses to “week thirty-one”

  1. It also went to Alabama (my folks are totally excited). It tried to go to FL but was turned down!

  2. Emily Rose Says:

    Come take some of our snow! We have inches and inches of it….and more to spare. More than we want soon. Philadelphia’s seeing its worst winter in years in terms of snowfall.

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