the travel bug tales: speaking english in Spain

February 17, 2010


Pueblo Ingles literally means English Village, and the Pueblo Ingles volunteer program turned a remote vacationing spot in Spain, on the border with Portugal, into an English speaking village for ten days. Spanish students and us Anglos did nothing but talk, talk and talk.  My birthday happened to fall into those ten days and it goes down as one of my best birthdays yet. Mojito’s and friends and a party to get dressed up for. For the second time in a summer, in a manner of days people I had never met became some of my closest friends.
My roommate, Lindsay, had her laptop with her and we were able to use the phone line as our internet connection and one opportunity to talk to the outside world. During an afternoon siesta, I found some time to write home about the days that were passing and that I still miss now.


I am in Spain right now, right on the border with Portugal. In the middle of fricking nowhere! It’s a place with some vacation homes but we are the only people staying here. So its very quiet and there is no shop or town nearby. It can drive us a little crazy because we are also surrounded by mountains and can feel closed in. But its quite luxurious, there is a pool, tennis court and we all live in the little houses. I share with Lindsay who is from New York and across the hall is Monica, one of the Spanish girls and Christine, the group leader. Its a lot of fun! There are lots of fun games and activities and really is a good step further for my socializing skills. The time here mostly consists of one on ones, which means you spend 50 minutes talking to one of the Spanish people so that they use their English practically. We also have group activities and games which are fun. We are playing the murder game at the moment where you need to get the person that you drew out of the hat of papers to the place that you got on another piece of paper and get them to hold something that you got on another piece of paper. Today I killed my first person; Carmen on the steps by reception with a mobile phone. So now I get the papers of who she has to kill and try and kill that one. Its good fun.

The people are really nice, all around my age or a little younger. like early twenties (as i am now in the second half heh). Mostly Spanish girls, only two guys there and then we are about half half on the English side. Some guys from England, Australia, people from America etc.

Last night we had our first (official) party night. I left at about quarter past three in the morning but some people didn’t get to bed till six. So today we are getting a few treats to help us cope. Like we had breakfast at 9.30 instead of 10. Had 10-11 pool party instead of one to ones and 11-12 could do our one to ones in the pool which luckily mine wanted to do because some people didn’t want to go into the water. And then we had an extra hour of siesta as well. I slept for the whole three hours! I just woke up so am a little groggy. But I have another hour off now. The Anglos (as the English speaking people are called) get more free time, because there is always one group of the Spaniards that has grammar class during an hour of one to ones, leaving more anglos than Spaniards so we get an hour extra here and there. Nice! So I am emailing you and then  having a shower and hopefully trying to do a bit of laundry as well. Then I have a one to one with Nuria which is always fun and then we have meeting room, which includes theatre performances (i luckily haven’t had to be on the stage yet but will probably have to before the end of the program) and presentations by anglos. I did a talk on the sea turtles a few days ago seeing as that is now the only thing I know anything about these days! Lindsay is doing yoga with us tonight.

Alright well I could go on for a while but that’ll get really long. I am here till Tuesday so also here for my birthday. Monica is going to make sure I have a mojito and that will be my present. heh. After that back to Madrid for a few days and then heading to Barcelona and up to France. Only a few more weeks of traveling after that! I am meeting my parents in Paris on probably around the 15th of August and then coming back with them in the car.



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  1. Paige Says:

    This sounds brilliant. I’m filing the website away for future travelling.

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