week thirty-two

February 21, 2010

Last weekend of Winterlude, the sculptures are on their last days, melting and breaking down and the tree cozies from Spins and Needles are being taken down. A darn shame, because its the only moments of winter around. Snow falls infrequently only to melt as it hits the ground. Ottawa has lost it’s reputation this year for snowiest capital in the world, 65% less snow than most years… it’s been frustrating. I like my weather a little less boring! Last week writing about the lack of snow, I promise.

good things (week thirty-two).

. finally, finally getting a haircut. and a successful one
. going out for dinner at one of the vegetarian restaurants in town
. seeing the ice sculptures at night
. my grandmother and relatives stopping by for a visit
. baking peanut butter cookies and apricot squares
. making a snow angel in some fresh fallen snow
. hanging out with Spins & Needles, doing some neat crafts
. being able to watch the Canadian hockey (go Crosby!)

One Response to “week thirty-two”

  1. Shirley Pickthorne-Elliott Says:

    A belated compliment on your haircut, Marieke, I DID notice it but I was so involved in wolfing down those delicious cookies and apricot squares,that I let it pass. But it IS the best one you’ve had. Now (sigh) if you’d only go back to your beautiful honey-coloured locks of yore, that colour-to-die-for!!
    love & hugs – oma xxxxx

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