week thirty-three

February 28, 2010

It’s no secret my return to Canada has been not without fault, that I’ve been having trouble fitting back in and wondering if I belong here. Tonight though, as Sidney Crosby brought home the cold with the hockey, sitting amongst Canadians jumping up and down and celebrating, I felt part of something again at last, if only for a little while. I might not always feel Canadian, but I always feel 100% Nova Scotian, and Nova Scotia won the Olympics for me tonight.
Getting dressed up Saturday night was also a treat, one can only spend so many Saturday nights at home.

good things (week thirty three).

. Canada winning GOLD! Sidney Crosby scoring and winning the game for us.
. watching the final with Darby & Craig in a pub downtown
. checking out the awesome art cinema down the street
. a wonderful evening of opera and politicians at the Black & White soiree
. good company and a delicious Cosmopolitan to end the evening
. a new hard drive in my computer (for free!!)
. white fluffy stuff falling out of the sky almost every day (even it all turned into slush)
. trying on pretty dresses for the Black and White Soiree
. Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir’s routine – pure poetry in motion


2 Responses to “week thirty-three”

  1. Shirley Pickthorne-Elliott Says:

    The Black & White??!! What was your dress like? (sounds like the start of a poem!). I’ve never known anyone who has gone to them, please tell me all about it, Marieke. Who did you go with, Robin and Craig? Lucky girl!
    These Olympics were the absolute best ever. Now that they’ve gone, I feel like I’ve lost a friend.
    love – oma xxxx

  2. Merc Says:

    Bleedin’ gorgeous haircut! Good to hear you’re had a good hockey night. I remain untouched by the olympics… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get properly into sports. A letter’s on its way to by the way (…that is, when you send me your address)


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