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week thirty-seven

March 29, 2010

Spent my earth hour this year at a candle light vigil on Parliament hill. Last year it fell on my last evening in Hong Kong, the end of my Asia trip. Pailin is on my mind, the elephant poetry and prose book making beautiful progress. I am so proud of it and owe it all to her.
Be mindful. Of the earth, the others that walk on it and yourself.

good things (week thirty-seven).

. great afternoon volunteering at the Wildlife Festival
. relaxing in the sauna after a work-out
. Pailin sending a message through our minds, that we will see each other again
. going out for drinks with Darby & Craig
. lunch at Aunt Olive’s with Robyn, enjoying aubergine wraps & good conversation
. making my aubergine specialty after (too) many months
. getting extra carrot greens for the bunny at Farmboy
. walking around the dark grounds of parliament hill during earth hour
. finding out about Jane Goodalls visit to Ottawa in time to score a ticket
. progress on the book! So close to being finished, but still need someone for the foreword…


week thirty six

March 23, 2010

(I know I keep posting these late lately because I still don’t have photoshop on my computer, but I do take the photos within the week and write everything on Sunday (hence this awful photo last minute Sunday)- fyi)

This week was long, long, long. That’s work. Thankfully, I finally have stuff going on aside from work. Hip hop class is a life saver, it’s the best thing of the week and I look forward to the next class the moment the class ends. I also finally found my volunteer gig, and that meant wandering around the Byward market with my Caribou herd, collecting signatures to save Caribou habitat in Northern Ontario.

good things (week thirty-six).

. seeing a baby lamb being born on the Experimental Farm
. collecting signatures to save the Caribou for new volunteer gig
. making great progress with the elephant book
. beautiful sunny and warm days
. reading books on my balcony
. another awesome hiphop class
. ending the week by treating myself to a movie
. hugs with Frankie

Elephant Tales: Coming of Age with Elephants

March 16, 2010

“To spend an afternoon in close company with elephants is awe-inspiring, but to watch elephants in the company of someone who knows each individual by name and can describe the meaning of each vocalization can, I have been told, be a very powerful and moving experience.”

Joyce Poole is such a person, and her book “Coming to Age with Elephants” describes her life with the elephants from childhood growing up in Kenya right through to the fight to get in place the ban on ivory. Her studies into the bull elephants, in particular musth as well as studies into communication between elephants has been groundbreaking and she has become one of the most renowned elephant experts in the world.

“It takes a very callous person to witness these animals and not be led to some fundamental questions about humanity and our place in the world.”

This book was in a word fascinating. There is so much knowledge to be gained, from the lives that bull elephant live, the communication between elephants and to me especially, the sense of self she believes elephants have. Stories she shares of elephants mourning lost ones like Tonie’s vigil over her stillborn baby for days, Vladimir, who caught a disease that almost crippled him, being looked after by several males, Albert accompanying the slow elephant to the swamp. There is a story of an elephant tusking a human and then looking after him, “knowing” he was injured and needed to be protected. The list of these stories goes on and I still revel in the fascination of them now.

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week thirty-five

March 15, 2010

Darby and I skipped out of work early on Wednesday, to head to Stony Swamp. We wondered on the trails, feeding the chickadees who ate out of our hands (Peter and Pan -as I named them- followed us almost all along the way for more). We spotted three deer through the trees. It was an afternoon of nature, fresh air and animals. I suppose I am sort of settling down, volunteer work is coming together, I am dancing again, swimming again. Though with the elephant books I am reading, my mind is mostly on my future

good things (week thirty-five).

. an afternoon in the nature reserve feeding chickadees
. visit to IKEA with Darby
. skype chat with my good friend Cecilie
. making a delicious meal of chapattis and dahl
. first hip hop class, best thing ever!
. learning more about elephants through the books
. Frankie running around the place
. mornings at the pool, such a good way to start the day
. sushi lunch with some co-workers on a sunny afternoon