week thirty-four

March 9, 2010

The beginnings of spring seem to arrive, the balcony door wide open and sun is streaming in through the windows. My chives are starting to grow, the first of many I hope. The frankster is hopping around the apartment a little more and loves smelling the fresh air that is streaming in. These sun-filled windows and balcony might just save this year.

good things (week thirty-four).

. signing up for the Y, diving into the pool once more
. watching the Oscars on the big screen in the art cinema nearby
. coffee with Robyn and a walk around the neighbourhood in glorious weather
. a Saturday night watching movies and cooking in the kichen
. homemade black bean burgers
. silk screening my bag at the Spins & Needles volunteer party
. reading Joyce Poole’s biography

2 Responses to “week thirty-four”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    I wish we had a group like Spins & Needles here (but with nice people, not like the group I experienced).

  2. Lynn Says:

    That apartment glows! Hooray for huge windows and balconies! 🙂

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