week thirty-five

March 15, 2010

Darby and I skipped out of work early on Wednesday, to head to Stony Swamp. We wondered on the trails, feeding the chickadees who ate out of our hands (Peter and Pan -as I named them- followed us almost all along the way for more). We spotted three deer through the trees. It was an afternoon of nature, fresh air and animals. I suppose I am sort of settling down, volunteer work is coming together, I am dancing again, swimming again. Though with the elephant books I am reading, my mind is mostly on my future

good things (week thirty-five).

. an afternoon in the nature reserve feeding chickadees
. visit to IKEA with Darby
. skype chat with my good friend Cecilie
. making a delicious meal of chapattis and dahl
. first hip hop class, best thing ever!
. learning more about elephants through the books
. Frankie running around the place
. mornings at the pool, such a good way to start the day
. sushi lunch with some co-workers on a sunny afternoon

2 Responses to “week thirty-five”

  1. Lynn Says:

    That chair is GINORMOUS! And it looks so comfy!

  2. OK, Marieke, I’ll bite – how did you take that picture?!! And I agree with your mum about the chair. In a pinch you could almost use it for a sleepover (in the foetal position of course)!

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