week thirty-seven

March 29, 2010

Spent my earth hour this year at a candle light vigil on Parliament hill. Last year it fell on my last evening in Hong Kong, the end of my Asia trip. Pailin is on my mind, the elephant poetry and prose book making beautiful progress. I am so proud of it and owe it all to her.
Be mindful. Of the earth, the others that walk on it and yourself.

good things (week thirty-seven).

. great afternoon volunteering at the Wildlife Festival
. relaxing in the sauna after a work-out
. Pailin sending a message through our minds, that we will see each other again
. going out for drinks with Darby & Craig
. lunch at Aunt Olive’s with Robyn, enjoying aubergine wraps & good conversation
. making my aubergine specialty after (too) many months
. getting extra carrot greens for the bunny at Farmboy
. walking around the dark grounds of parliament hill during earth hour
. finding out about Jane Goodalls visit to Ottawa in time to score a ticket
. progress on the book! So close to being finished, but still need someone for the foreword…


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