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week forty-one

April 25, 2010

Two new characters entered my life this week. One of my closest friends had her baby on Wednesday and Isa finally arrived in the world. Amazing. And then today, Darby introduced me to her rescued stray Garth (not named after Garth Brooks). We spent the afternoon walking in this enormous dog park enjoying this little guy’s company.

good things (week forty-one)

. becoming an auntie, as one of my closest friends has her baby.
. listening to a free concert while volunteering for CPAWS
. working from home on Tuesday, complete bliss yet productive
. returning to Hip hop classes, hallelujah
. earth day celebrations: museum visit followed by veggie burger at The Manx
. treating myself to some sushi take-out after a long day
. awesome, awesome Glee episode
. sunny afternoon spent with Darby and Garth
. running into someone I knew back in Halifax


Elephant Tales: Hannah’s Dream

April 23, 2010

“Sam imaged the Lord must have been in an odd frame of mind the day He created the Asian elephant. When he first met her, Hannah had reminder him of nothing so much as a worn-out, hip-shot, low-slung, dog-ugly poorly dressed floozy in bad shoes. (…) and yet there was a soul, a thing of pure beauty, behind those eyes.”

Sam Brown is a keeper at a second rate zoo and has spent the last forty years caring for lone elephant Hannah. He has vowed not to retire until he has found someone to replace him. A new elephant keeper enters the frame, recognizing what Sam already knows; that despite the love and care, Hannah is isolated from other elephants and suffering from standing on concrete all day. Just as they start hatching a plan to get Hannah to a sanctuary, the zoo launches a campaign to rejuvenate the zoo, with Hannah as the main star.

“Look, I am not anti-captivity and I don’t have a bleeding heart. I’ve been taking care of zoo animals for twenty years, and I believe deeply in what zoos do, what keepers do, and how we do it. But I also believe in doing what’s right for the animals first.”

This book is mostly a story about the people around Hannah, her keeper and a great selection of other characters, who are all intertwined on some level. The characters are well-developed and three dimensional, everyone adding their value to the developing story, even Miles the pig. At times it’s a little sugary and sweet, but in the end it’s a heart warming story about people rallying around an elephant and recognizing her needs.

It is a story reminicent of those for whom we are rallying. The whole book, all I could think of was Lucy, still stuck in Edmonton alone and cold. It addressed a lot of problems that we see everywhere; the constant rocking, the foot problems, the zoos might deny that those are problems, but they are. And elephants deserve better. Lucy, Queenie, Lucky, and all the others out there.

week forty

April 18, 2010

Another weekend, another batch of muffins. Leaving the usual apple raisin cinnamon muffins behind, this week it was berry yoghurt muffins (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries). I also ended up making some oatmeal cookies after spotting these on the food network.

good things (week forty).
. skype chat with Cil, one week before her due date, next time we speak she’s a mom!
. a nice walk amongst spring colours near Dow’s Lake
. going to see Jane Goodall speak, (amazing talk!) with Christa, Darby & Craig
. garage sale shopping with Karen and Emily, followed by bagels
. surviving an insane week at work. go me!
.  buying baby artichokes, exciting new opportunities to try out
. meeting up with Melanie for maple lattes and good conversation at Bridgehead

week thirty-nine

April 11, 2010

This is the best I could do this week, having spent the entire weekend in bed fighting like hell against a determined cold bordering on flu. Not many adventures had this week. Hopefully I will regain enough energy for tomorrow, because I am going to go see Jane Goodall!
With these slippers, all I need to do is click my heels twice.

good things (week thirty-nine).

. being the photographer at Spins & Needles 5-year anniversary party
. finding something cool to do this summer, an adventure
. skype chat with Cil (two weeks to go!!!)
. surprise skype chat with the parentals
. reading this really nice fictional elephant book (review coming soon)