week thirty-eight

April 4, 2010

The long weekend was much welcomed, that extra day combined with sunshine and soaring temperatures made it a good opportunity to recharge. Which was needed. Breakfast on the balcony, leafs starting to peek out. Everything but the sunburn. Alas…

good thing (week thirty-eight).

. an amazing package in the mail from Kandise: knitted hat with elephants on it, handmade french pressed ruby red slippers, an elephant book, a cd with programs for my mac (back in business!) and the lovely vest I left at her place in October.
. a beautiful hike through Gatineau Park on the Mackenzie trail, including a waterfall and a picnic on the soft mossy ground with Darby & Craig
. running into a colleague from work and going for sangria’s.
. buying Easter branches and French cheese at the Byward market
. strawberry & yoghurt for breakfast on the balcony, Frankie sitting in the doorway
. watching Julie & Julia with a bag of popcorn
. people at work seemingly warming up to me, at long last
. petting the cute baby goats at the little animals farm, visited with Darby

2 Responses to “week thirty-eight”

  1. Lynn Says:

    You sure manage to fit a lot more into your week that I do!
    And sun: lucky lucky YOU!

  2. K Says:

    It has been so nice this weekend! Glorious!

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