week thirty-nine

April 11, 2010

This is the best I could do this week, having spent the entire weekend in bed fighting like hell against a determined cold bordering on flu. Not many adventures had this week. Hopefully I will regain enough energy for tomorrow, because I am going to go see Jane Goodall!
With these slippers, all I need to do is click my heels twice.

good things (week thirty-nine).

. being the photographer at Spins & Needles 5-year anniversary party
. finding something cool to do this summer, an adventure
. skype chat with Cil (two weeks to go!!!)
. surprise skype chat with the parentals
. reading this really nice fictional elephant book (review coming soon)

4 Responses to “week thirty-nine”

  1. Don’t leave us hanging – what is the Cool plan for summer, and the Adventure??!! (Your whole life is an adventure, Marieke! Whatever the plan is, it’ll for sure be fun and/or challenging)

  2. Merc Says:

    I love your slippers. Where are they from?

    Across the Atlantic, this weekend I’ve been bed-ridden, only in my case fighting a migraine.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon. Will get an email your way soon… most likely after my dissertation is done (next week).

    • Marieke Says:

      My friend Kandise knitted them! Aren’t they neat? Hang in there with the school work and email me as soon as you can! I want to hear where your adventures are taking you, especially if they are coming near Canada at all 🙂

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