week forty-one

April 25, 2010

Two new characters entered my life this week. One of my closest friends had her baby on Wednesday and Isa finally arrived in the world. Amazing. And then today, Darby introduced me to her rescued stray Garth (not named after Garth Brooks). We spent the afternoon walking in this enormous dog park enjoying this little guy’s company.

good things (week forty-one)

. becoming an auntie, as one of my closest friends has her baby.
. listening to a free concert while volunteering for CPAWS
. working from home on Tuesday, complete bliss yet productive
. returning to Hip hop classes, hallelujah
. earth day celebrations: museum visit followed by veggie burger at The Manx
. treating myself to some sushi take-out after a long day
. awesome, awesome Glee episode
. sunny afternoon spent with Darby and Garth
. running into someone I knew back in Halifax

2 Responses to “week forty-one”

  1. K Says:

    Nice puppy!!

  2. Garth the Gorgeous!! How old is he? Great shot of you. So sad I missed you on my flying trip, Marieke – so many pressing problems to deal with. If and when I get another car, that will change!!!

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